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Vogue (Parody) 73 Questions

I was tagged in this by the wonderful Laura Liz Buckley who you should also check out because she is awesome and runs a beautiful, meaningful blog.

Also, I love watching the 73 Questions with Vogue on Youtube, which you should also check out because it is amazing, and we see some beautiful homes!

1. What’s your usual Starbucks drink?

A soy caramel latte, I may have a gingerbread latte at Christmas, but it is always soy caramel either iced or hot.

2. What does your work station look like?

Greedily, I have two. A desk in my dining room (think ladder desk) with bits and bobs above, and a second upstairs in my spare room where I film. They're both obnoxiously tidy, and often you'll find a glass of Pepsi somewhere around there, and a picture of Cheddar.

3. All-time favourite food?

Pesto Spaghetti with plant bacon and green beans.

4. Favourite author?

At the moment, Sarah Knight for her honest take on doing yourself and looking after your mental wellbeing. Her words have been a great comfort as I've been healing.

5. What do you think of open relationships?

I'm not in one, and I don't think I could be, but I don't think anything of them per se. Do what makes you happy people.

6. What’s your favourite video game?

The Sims 4 on iMac and Battlefront II on PS4.

7. What’s your guilty pleasure treat?

Caramel Choo-Choo Ben & Jerry's.

8. Your favourite movie?

Titanic probably. I'm not a movie person really.

9. Favourite book?

All of the books, I refuse to pick so, sorry.

10. Best advice you’ve ever received?

You can't fix everyone else if you're broken yourself.

11. Twitter or Instagram?

Instagram, which btw, follow me ;)

12. Are you a desktop or a laptop person?

I am an iPad person, which has a keyboard attached, so I guess laptop.

13. What projects are you working on right now?

Editing a YA/NA/Adult contemporary novel about a woman who finds herself at 25, and beginning planning/writing a fantasy witchy novel about a woman who wants to save the world, but is a little bit broken.

14. What’s your favourite colour?

Sunshine Yellow.

15. Did you get good grades in school?

Medium-ish. I tried really hard, but I suffer in exams so my overall grade comes down because of that.

16. Dream job?

I have zero ideas. I want to say writer, but I am a writer which means I'm doing it, so I guess, it's this but being more financially stable?

17. Played any sports?

At school, but not since. I am so not a sports person.

18. Do you have a degree?

I do not, and that is okay (something I've beaten myself up about enough and finally feel okay about).

19. Nationality?

English, I'm from England and I've always lived in England.

20. What’s your favourite type of blog post to write?

One that pushes me to really think and really connect with what I'm writing, it's why I don't blog consistently, I love to blog about things that matter to me, or something that has impacted me. It's something I'm taking more seriously in 2020 because when I write what I don't love, I end up resenting it and it becomes a piece I'm not proud of.

21. What do you like to collect?

Books, shoes, scrunchies, and I'd love an army of corgis.

22. Describe yourself in 3 words?

Caring, honest, insightful.

23. If you were a rapper, what would your rapper name be?

I think I'd be more of a DJ, and that name would be DJ Jodes.

24. Who was the last person you DM’d?

Killian, a friend who has amazing art on Instagram.

25. What’s on top of your wish list right now?

It sounds so silly, but I really want these glass reusable containers for food and they're so extra but plastic ones bother me, and yeah, it's baffling but I really want some.

26. Sorting House?

Hufflepuff. Respect the badger, bros.

27. How many tattoos do you have?

Zero, but I'd love one and just need to book and stop being a coward.

28. What are you most grateful for this year?

Again, super odd, but I'm super grateful for my anti-anxiety/anti-depressants because they're game-changing and I finally feel super happy for the first time properly in three years and I'm so grateful they exist.

29. What’s the best thing that’s happened to you this month?

Another piece of my work got published on The Mighty, it really made my day.

30. What’s the best thing that’s happened to you today?

I was able to do the full leg exercises at my Hot Pilates class, and I felt so strong and also super drained after.

31. What’s the best thing ever?

Cheddar, my dog.

32. Favourite season?

So, I'd say winter, because I love the cold and I love snow, ice and everything. BUT, I have been cleaning my dog so much because it's so wet, and so I kinda hate anything wet now, so I'm going to say pass, because Summer and I are not friends.

33. Favourite holiday?

New York City with my husband, if you meant vacation wise. I guess I only celebrate Christmas, but hmm.

34. What fictional character do you relate to the most?

Every YA female character who is the main character because I too would fall for the villain and be naive and get myself like almost killed. So, yeah.

35. Do you like surprises?

Nope. Detest those little blighters.

36. What’s the biggest surprise you’ve ever had?

I want to say being proposed to, but I knew it was coming because I ruin surprises accidentally.

37. What surprise made you cry?

Being proposed to did make me cry because he said some super kind things.

38. What’s the best surprise you’ve ever given someone?

I surprised my mum for her 50th and planned a huge get-together with all her friends and took her on a bar crawl (cause it's her favourite) and seeing her face was everything.

39. Do you like muffins?

No. Because gluten-free ones are not nice, and I am upset with muffins for always being dry.

40. Do you cook often?

I do, we do take it in turns in my house though.

41. What’s your favourite dessert?

Sainsbury's GF lemon tart, it is divine.

42. Is there a dessert you dislike?

My issue is more that they dislike me, since a lot have gluten in it, and I am intolerant (bordering on coeliac).

43. Cake or pie?

Ugh, see above.

44. What’s your least favourite food?

Foods containing gluten.

45. What’s your favourite condiment?

Now this is unfair because ketchup doesn't go with everything, so sometimes you need mayo, and sometimes if you're ordering a McDonalds you need sweet curry for those fries, so, you see my predicament.

46. It’s 4am on a Saturday night, what would you eat?

Bread. Or I would use to say bread because I don't drink and haven't in like over a year so I wouldn't be awake at that time, but I used to eat dry bread.

47. If you could teach a college class, what would it be called?

You Are Not Your Mental Health: Brain 101.

48. Best animated film?

Despicable Me, or all films with Minions.

49. What has a woman done or said to impress you?

Changed a tyre, like damn.

50. The best thing to do on a first date?

OMG, I've never been on a first date, so I have no idea. But, maybe a coffee? I don't know, I eat for England so I feel I'd put someone off.

51. The worst thing to do on a first date?

Take me for food because I do not share, and I don't like to talk and eat.

52. What’s the funniest pick-up line a guy could use on a girl?

Roses are red, my face is too.. that only happens when I see you.

53. Best comic book character?

Poison Ivy.

54. What are three things that are always in your purse?

My diary, a MAC lipstick and my cards.

55. Favourite drink?

Pepsi Max.

56. If you could play a historical figure in a movie who would it be?

Oh gosh, I'd love to play someone from like the 1920s, a flapper girl maybe.

57. Kittens or puppies?

Corgi puppies only.

58. Tell me your favourite sushi roll?

One with cucumber in it, I am so bad at these questions.

59. What kind of lipstick do you use?

I have A LOT, but they range in colour but usually, I always wear a nude that has a mix of brown and pink in it, it's by Jamie Genevieve.

60. What kind of foundation do you use?

Fenty Matte.

61. Blow-dry or air dry?

Air dry, blow-dry makes my hair massive.

62. Who is your fashion icon?

So many people, I change each day too. I have such a varied taste.

63. Favourite Disney Character?


64. What are you doing tomorrow?

It's my first day back at work after some time off to heal my brain.

65. A movie you laughed the hardest through?

Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

66. A movie that made you cry?

Titanic, damn Rose why didn't you share the wood.

67. If you could sing a duet with someone, who would it be?

Halsey, I adore her.

68. If your life was a song, what would the title be?

Nightmare, Halsey. I will not smile because someone asks me too, omg it enrages me, and I'm all about female power.

69. What’s your favourite animal?

My dog Cheddar, of course.

70. Favourite illustrator?

Alice Oseman or Killian, both so highly skilled.

71. A person you want to have coffee with?

Casey McQuiston because Red, White & Royal Blue literally made my 2019, and I'm already rereading it now.

72. What country do you wish to visit?

Japan, China, Korea, Thailand, all the places.

73. Best way to decompress?

Pilates, or listening to ASMR.

If you want to have a go at this, please do! And then, let me know in the comments!