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Hi, Hello!


I'm Josie Moone and welcome to my corner of the World.

I'm a bookstagrammer, blogger, and aspiring to be published author

who likes to get lost in the flowers and hibernate in the winter. 

Please take a look around, my blog link is above, and please get in touch with any questions,

Recent Things


When Depression Feels Like Living Inside a Glass Box

January, 2019

I sometimes live in a glass box.
It’s not like a greenhouse where healthy things grow, twisting up until they poke out of the top, wanting to reunite with the sun and never stop rising. It’s the opposite. Nothing good grows inside of the glass box; nothing comes from the glass walls that shield me in.

Tough Skin Banner

Tough Skin - Digital Work

May 2019

'Tough Skin' is a three-piece band from Derby that is playing alternative/ rock/grunge/indie music.